When you have Adequate Managers and no Actual Leaders-It’sthe soft skills Lacuna (a gap)

The way our economy is continuing to grow into an advanced IT world, the want for hard skills and proficiency is growing with every passing day. Academic level has really been raised to quite an extent to fill this gap as we see number of good institutions coming up. But the thing which is being overlooked is the soft skills which are of great importance in our work force.

What are Soft Skills

Soft skills refer to the attitude, attributes and behaviors you exhibit when working with different people. Whereas excellent soft skills are significant for all kinds of employees, they are vital and crucial for managers. Though your industrial expertise and finesse may take your foot in the door, your soft skills are an important tool which will open wide avenues for you. Your work ethic, your communicating skills, the way you behave and your emotional aptitude and extra personal attributes are some of the soft skills that are essential for a successful career. With all these soft skills you can lead from all sides and in all walks of life. Solving a problem, motivating, delegating and team building is all a cake walk when you have good soft skills.

Importance of Soft Skills for Indian Companies

While putting emphasis on the importance of soft skills¸ it is significant to view the importance as far as the Indian companies are concerned. There is a motive why there is a great requirement for soft-skill guidance in our country. Only technical skills are not enough for the Indian managers to compete internationally. Cultural, environmental barriers and language can only be surpassed by being efficient in soft-skills.
How to learn Soft Skills

The good news is that, like any skill, soft skills can be learned. Boosting your soft skills not only gives you a leg up on a new job or promotion, but these skills also have obvious applications in all areas of a person’s life, both professional and personal. Not only that, the best news of all is that soft skills can be developed and honed on an on- going basis through good training, insightful training, observation and of course, practice, practice, practice. We generally see these “Soft Skills” popping up in job descriptions, next to demands for technical qualifications. Employment experts agree that tech skills may get you an interview, but these soft skills will get you the job –and help you keep it. To name a few, some soft skills are- Communication skills, Teamwork and collaboration, Adaptability, Problem solving, Conflict Resolution, Business networking skills, Conflict management Training, Interview skills training, Stress management training, Telephonic techniques.

Soft Skills Essential for a Management Programme

Professional skills may open the door of opportunity but soft skills keep you in the Driver’s seat. Soft Skills Training is an integral part of the Management Programme all around the world because it helps in shaping up the personality and hence plays a vital role in the professional development of an individual. MNC’s all over the world have realized the significance of Soft Skills as an essential branch of Management Curriculum since excellent soft skills lend a hand in maintaining long term associations with clients and thus make business success much easier. Therefore, organizations are now feeling that it is meaningful to spend money in imparting soft skill guidance to all the employees. Training them with their soft skills not only helps them improve their personality but also gives an impression that the company is taking adequate interest in their development. Researchs all around the world have revealed that soft skills such as business etiquette and excellent communication skills help in generating worldwide business and are hence crucial for the well being of an organization.

Why Technical and Soft Skills go Hand in Hand

To get, and retain a job, you generally need both technical skills and soft skills. For instance which secretary do you keep when times are difficult? The one who has a positive attitude and is optimistic, who is forever willing to help you or the one who is rigid and inflexible during hard times Likewise, imagine about accountants. The one who is well equipped with soft skills and motivates his equals is the one who will surely outshine in his position and association. When your managers have a whole lot of technical skills but dearth of soft skills that is where there is a soft skills gap. Soft skills and hard skills go hand in hand, and lend a hand to the organization to make use of the technical proficiency to its full advantage.
• If you get good clients but cannot sustain them the chances are it is because of lack of soft skills.
• When there are lot of managers and no leaders again it is due to lack of soft skills.


The problem arises when the significance of these soft skills are frequently underestimated, and there is far less or absolutely no training offered to the upcoming professionals. But in the contemporary times it is important to concentrate equally on the soft skills along with the conventional hard skills. It is extremely important that you to identify the crucial role of soft skills and seriously work on developing them not only within yourself but promote their development all through the organization to get better results.

Key Words-

Soft skills, Personality, Management, Communication.
Soft Skills Impact Factory for Managers

The two chief assets that a company looks for in a prospective manager is the potential of an individual and his aptitude or talent to pursue his objectives in every situation. Every organization has a lot of expectations from its team of new employees to mature into top quality managers .For this reason it is vital to assess the potential of a person who just graduated. As one climbs up the ladder, the expectations grow and he/she is anticipated to play more softskills inclined roles. Some of the essential skills which a manager of a growing organization is required to possess are communication skills, time management, interpersonal skills, compassion, buoyancy, self-awareness etc. In the time of globalization consumers always value a person who is willing to help and he receives maximum compliments all depending on the amount of soft skills he has than anything else. By using these skills , an organization gets empowered to face cut throat competition in the global market. Any individual who is good at these skills is thought to be professionally savvy, competent of steering competing interests, promote teamwork and tackle clashes and quarrels in the best possible way. People who are well equipped with soft skills know how to converse and manipulate others behavior successfully. What this comes down to is that for moving up the chain of soft-skills is a key ingredient.Given an option a company that wants to take their graph up would prefer to employ an individual who can create a solid network with the clients and convey the viewpoint of the organization in an influential and an extraordinary way. What this indicates is that for reaching the zenith in your professional career soft-skills are a key ingredient and if the prospective manager have both technical skills and soft skills, they literally become a hot cake for recruiters and for the flourishing organizations.

Why Soft Skills Matter

The personal qualities , the approach of an individual and the effective communicating skills that facilitate people to have superior quality interpersonal interactions are known as the soft skills. When a person has powerful communicating skills, it is a cherished asset both in your business as well as personal settings. Any person can take advantage from flawless communication and it can be of great help for interviews, verbal communication, meeting the customers at the global level,etc. Ten Years past, soft skills were considered as "red headed step child" by the C-Suite leaders These skills were unnoticed or ignored as they were expected to be insignificant or even pointless. But in the contemporary times our financial system has evolved and grown by leaps and bounds. Competition has become global and more severe. The need of the hour is that everyone should be well equipped with the soft skills and not just a few